Tuesday, August 9, 2022

A Marvelous Journey and Lifetime of Memories

Woo-Hoo! Tamiko made Mt. Fuji at her “Beiju” celebration by publishing her 47-page long life story or portfolio titled: “Tamiko Imamura”.

About a year and half ago, I had collected speeches Tamiko made at Kitakyushu Toastmasters and sent them to our daughter, Yukina Warner, in Santa Barbara, California for editing. I did not hear back from her until this Spring. I received a tiny USB drive from Yukina, saying she consolidated Mom’s speeches into a near 50-page worth of text. Our daughter Yukina had shuffled and edited and made a stunning masterpiece for her mother, Tamiko. Thank you, Yukina, for the wonderful job you did.

It was the greatest of timing since Tamiko was to celebrate her Beiju Anniversary and she did so with fanfare by publishing her life story. “Beiju” or “Yoneju” in Japan comes from the fact that the character “rice” can be broken down into the characters “88”.

She received many positive reactions from her many friends.

Jody Dulin, our friend from San Diego wrote:

"Absolutely beautiful. Such an adventurous life you have led. I have learned throughout the years how very important it was for you to return to Japan. It is incredible that your family has stayed very bonded in spite of distances. Your entire family exudes love. What an example for the world. Sending lots of love and admiration"

Another review came from our Taiwanese friend, Paul Lee who lives in Taichung.

“Thank you very much for showing me your journey and education through Toastmasters 1997-2016. You have enjoyed a diverse and fruitful life.”

The beautiful Rose Bud at the bottom of the post came from Tamiko's friends in Kitakyushu.